Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu

Commander 3rd Canadian Division

Commissioned and posted to Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in 1995, Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu commanded an Assault Troop, a Brigade Reconnaissance Troop and a Regimental Reconnaissance Troop during his first tour of regimental duty. On subsequent regimental tours, he commanded both tank and reconnaissance squadrons before serving as Regimental Second-in-Command and eventually commanding the Strathcona’s during the period 2010-2012.

From 2014 to 2017, he was commander of 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.

BGen Cadieu has been privileged to serve alongside soldiers from every unit in 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group over the past two decades in both training and in operations, at home and abroad. In addition to deploying to Bosnia in 1997 with the Strathcona Battle Group, he served in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2002 as Battle Captain Reconnaissance Squadron as part of the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group. He returned to Kandahar in 2006-2007 as a Leopard tank squadron commander and operated alongside the soldiers of A Company 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, as part of the 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group.

His key staff experiences include service as Operations Officer at The British Columbia Regiment, Executive Assistant to Commander Land Force Western Area, Acting Director Land Force Development, Canadian Army G3 and Special Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff.

He is a graduate of the Canadian Forces College Joint Command and Staff Programme and National Security Programme.

In June 2017, BGen Cadieu became commander of Third Canadian Division in Edmonton.

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