Commander and Senior Leaders

Major-General C.J. Turenne

Major-General C.J. Turenne, OMM, MSC, CD
Deputy Commander Canadian Army


Brigadier-General M.A.J. Carignan, OMM, MSM, CD
Chief of Staff Army Operations

Brigadier-General D.A. Macaulay, CD

Brigadier-General D.A. Macaulay, OMM, CD
Chief of Staff Army Strategy

Major-General S.C. Hetherington

Major-General S.C. Hetherington, OM, MSC, CD
Commander Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre Headquarters

Brigadier-General J.P.H.H. Gosselin, OMM, MSM, CD
Commander 2nd Canadian Division and Joint Task Force East

Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu

Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu
Commander 3rd Canadian Division

Brigadier-General S.M. Cadden, CD
Commander 4th Canadian Division and Joint Task Force Central

Brigadier-General D.A. Macaulay

Brigadier-General D.A. Macaulay, OMM, CD
Commander 5th Canadian Division

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