The Canadian Grenadier Guards

Unit Identification

Canadian Grenadier Guard badge

“Second to none”

Who We Are

The Canadian Grenadier Guards (CGG) is a primary reserve infantry battalion located in the heart of Montreal.

The role of the CGG is to provide combat ready infantry deployment troops in accordance with tasks assigned from the Department of National Defence. Each summer the CGG fulfills federal public duties by providing an infantry company to the Ceremonial Guard that performs the "Changing of the Guard" ceremony on Parliament Hill and sentries for the Governor General’s residence in Ottawa.

The Canadian Grenadier Guards is the oldest militia unit in the country and possesses a rich heritage and strong traditions that distinguish it from other infantry units in the Canadian Forces. This includes a Full Dress Uniform of Guards pattern scarlet tunics and bearskin headdress. Guardsmen share a strong esprit-de-corps and a special camaraderie amongst one another. The Regiment has played important roles in international and domestic deployments and continues to offer its members interesting opportunities to serve Canada both at home and abroad.

In addition, the Canadian Grenadier Guards, together with the Governor General’s Foot Guards in Ottawa, are unique in their relationship with the Ceremonial Guard in Ottawa. The Regiment offers its members excellent and rewarding opportunities for summer employment as part of the Public Duties Company, which performs daily changing of the guard ceremonies at Parliament Hill through July and August of each year.

Our History

The official history of the Canadian Grenadier Guards can be found at the Directorate of History and Heritage website.


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