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To contribute to land warfare intellectual development and lead land operations training for the Army and the Canadian Armed Forces.


Commander Major-General Simon Hetherington

Major-General Simon Hetherington

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Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer D.C. Tofts

Chief Warrant Officer D.C. Tofts

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Canadian Army Doctrine Training Centre comprises various units, which are all located in Kingston:


Also part of Canadian Army Doctrine Training Centre  is the Army’s Combat Training Centre (CTC), a formation with units at 5th Canadian Division Support Group Gagetown, New Brunswick, and at 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario, and the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC) in Wainwright, Alberta.

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Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre Headquarters

Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre Headquarters provides strategic staff support to the Commander, Canadian Army and staff support to the Formation Commander.  The strategic staff comprises the Directorate of Army Doctrine; the Directorate of Army Training; the Army Lessons Learned Centre; the Directorate of Land Synthetic Environment; and the Army Digitization Office Kingston. Although located in Kingston, these organizations function as full fledged members of the Canadian Army Headquarters, which is located in Ottawa. The formation comprises of most staff functions normally found at a headquarters and includes personnel, operations, logistics, communications, finances and public affairs.

Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC)

Peace Support Training Centre is the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) center of excellence for Peace Support Operations (PSO) training. It trains over 1,000 members of the Canadian Armed Forces  and other Government of Canada personnel each year in Kingston, prior to their deployment on operations.  In addition, Peace Support Training Centre instructors provide mission specific Peace Support Operations  training to thousands of personnel in Canadian Armed Forces  contingents and Task Forces every year outside of Kingston.  During the past several years, Peace Support Training Centre has also evolved as the Canadian Army centre of excellence for Information Operations (Info Ops), and provides the baseline training of select Canadian Armed Forces  members for Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and Psychological Operations (PSYOPS).

Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC)

Canadian Army Command and Staff College is charged with developing in army officers the ability to perform command and staff functions in war.  Courses currently conducted at, or under the auspices of, the College include the Army Operations Course, the Primary Reserves Army Operations Course, and the Commanding Officers Course.

Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre (CAFATC)

The Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre is housed in a Natural Resources Canada owned facility in Resolute Bay Nunavut, where Collective Training and Individual Training is carried out to ensure that our Canadian Armed Forces personnel are able to carry out their assigned tasks in the demanding Arctic environment.

Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC)

Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre is a national training centre which designs and delivers collective training in Full Spectrum Operations in the contemporary operating environment. The Centre’s weapons effects simulation technology; purpose-built urban infrastructure; role-playing civilians; and resident Opposing Force enables the chain of command to confirm the readiness of the Canadian Army to conduct domestic and international operations. The cadre of Observer Controller Trainers ensures that commanders and soldiers alike are able to learn and gain the most from this training. Short of an actual deployment, Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre provides the most realistic and dynamic experience imaginable of operational situations up to and including force-on-force combat.

Combat Training Centre (CTC)

Combat Training Centre is the centre of excellence for Army individual training.  The centre consists of the Canadian Army Trials and Evaluation Unit, the Artillery School, the Infantry School, the Tactics School and the Armour School. Combat Training Centre also includes the Canadian Forces Land Advance Warfare Centre.  This centre, located at 8 Wing Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ont. provides all parachutist related courses, aerial delivery, advanced winter warfare, mountain operations, rappelling, patrol pathfinder and all parachute rigger qualification. The Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at Canadian Forces Base Borden; the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics at Canadian Forces Base Kingston; and the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering at 5th Canadian Division Support Group Gagetown are also part of Combat Training Centre.


Training is the process that forges soldiers and material over time into combat ready units and formations.  Such a process requires an effective, efficient Army Training Centre that produces the combat effective and readiness for all elements of the force.

That is what Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre is all about.

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