Summer Jobs

Finding steady summer employment to support your education is a challenge. The Canadian Army Reserve is on a mission to grow and we need smart, talented Canadians who want to earn and learn as part of a diverse, skilled team of professionals. Also, the Canadian Army can assist in funding your education through one of the paid education programs.

Make a commitment to the Canadian Army Reserve and we’ll commit to giving you steady, full-time summer employment in your first four years, guaranteed (to qualified candidates).  That’s solid financial support for your education while you gain skills and professional contacts and experience to bulk up your resume. 

When you are not taking part in full-time summer employment, just one day a week and one weekend a month is all it takes.  

Service in the Reserve means getting paid to get fit, learn and possibly travel. It’s meaningful work that makes a real difference to Canadians – you may be called upon to help during natural disasters across Canada, such as forest fires and floods.

The Reserve is an equal opportunity workplace where you’ll make lifelong friends as part of a remarkable team. Be a part of something bigger than yourself with the Army Reserve.

Public Duties and the Ceremonial Guard

One very visible part of summer employment with the Army are Public Duties events. These include the daily Changing of the Guard ceremony and the provision of sentries at Rideau Hall during the summer and other public events in the National Capital Region, to include honour guards for arriving dignitaries and funerals at the National Military Cemetery located in Beachwood Cemetery. Public Duties events are highly visible to visiting Canadians and international tourists, and, as such, the Ceremonial Guard is the face of the Canadian Army in Ottawa during the summer. It is a demanding and highly rewarding job.

For more information about the Ceremonial Guard and other Public Duties, visit this webpage:

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