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January 12 - 13 minutes Basic Training and Beyond (S3 E4)

So what happens when you join up and go through basic training?

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April 14, 2021 • 19 minutes - Electronic Warfare (S2 E7)

Using computerized jujitsu to turn an enemy’s communications against them, tracking their troops with the scantiest of signals, it’s all part of the world of electronic warfare. INVENI ET USURPA or FIND AND EXPLOIT this podcast!

##MCECOPY##May 5, 2021 - 17 Minutes - In the Reserves: One soldier's story (S2 E8)
What’s it like to be a young Reservist? We’ll hear from a member who’s living that experience. He’ll also tell us how a summer program was helpful to both his personal and professional development and his pocketbook.

5, 2021 - 30 Minutes - U.S. Army Exchange Officer (S2 E9)

Exchange officers are sent to serve a tour of duty with another country’s military. The Canadian Army both sends and receives a number of these officers each year. We speak with one from the United States Army to find out about his experiences as an exchange officer in Canada and also what his training and career has been like in the USA.


23 - 21 minutes The Last Frontier | A Northern Posting (S2 E11)

What's life like for a soldier who is posted North of Sixty? In this episode, Captain Orton brings you stories from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and the land that stretches beyond it.


July 23 - 19 minutes Major Changes to Training

Significant changes have been made to training in the Army. These changes apply to both the Regular and Reserve Forces.


November 17- 35 minutes Future of the Army

The Acting Army Commander MGen Michel-Henri St-Louis is all fired up about “what’s next” for the Canadian Army.


December 1 - 23 minutes Matsimus | Social Media Soldier

An artillery soldier has become a big success on social media.


January 12 - 13 minutes Basic Training and Beyond (S3 E4)

So what happens when you join up and go through basic training?

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About the Podcast

This podcast is for and about the soldiers of the Canadian Army.

Its primary goal is to provide them with useful information through thoughtful and open discussions that reflect their mutual interests and concerns.

Though soldiers are our primary audience, the topics covered on this podcast should be relevant to anyone who supports our soldiers or who has an interest in Canadian military matters.

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