3 Intelligence Company takes the lead in training future Intelligence Operators

Article / July 5, 2017 / Project number: 17-07-05-5div-intel

By: Master Corporal Molly Woodgate, 3 Intelligence Company

Kentville, Nova Scotia — 3 Intelligence Company (3 Int Coy), a Reserve unit based in Halifax, has taken on teaching the full-time Military Occupation Speciality Intelligence Operator Journeyman Course. The course runs from  May 24 until  September 1 at 5th Canadian Division Training Centre, Detachment Aldershot, which is located at 5th Canadian Division Support Group (5 CDSG) in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

“This is the first full-time satellite course of this type to be taught in Halifax and the course was maximum-loaded with 24 students from across Canada, representing 3, 4, 6, and 7 Intelligence Companies of the Primary Reserve as well as Regular Force personnel,” said Major Jamie Foote, Commanding Officer, 3 Int Coy.

The course is usually taught by the Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence (CFMSI) in Kingston, Ontario, but this year there are two satellite courses being run: one in Nova Scotia and another in Quebec. Major Foote said the school decided to run the satellite courses because they were not able to train all the Primary Reserve (PRes) as well as Regular Force (RegF) Intelligence Operators waiting to go on the course. This training is a key example of the “One Force” concept which harmonizes the training between the RegF and the PRes.

“It was determined that only 60-70% of PRes Intelligence Operators awaiting training could be provided the opportunity to undertake their trade qualification course under the normal summer training model. This would also not allow for the training of any Regular Force members during the summer,” he said.

The personnel of 3 Int Coy decided to get involved and help solve the problem by running the course on behalf of CFSMI. All of the instructors and arrangements for the course have been seen to by the unit. It’s not completely unfamiliar ground for the unit as they used to teach the course in different modules until 2012.

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Harold Skaarup of 3 Int Coy and Maj Foote both recently visited the course to give them a brief history of the branch.

“I was struck by how personable and well-spoken all of them were – a credit to our trade, and I am proud to say 3 Int Coy is taking a lead on making excellent training happen right here in the Maritimes,” said Hon LCol Skaarup.

The course will train the candidates on the key skills of an Intelligence Operator, which consists of gathering information from various sources about a specific topic and collation and analysis prior to providing written and/or verbal briefs to a Commander.  This process strives to provide the most informed military intelligence analysis in support of operations, planning, and decision-making. The training supports a key element within the Defence Policy by improving surveillance and intelligence capabilities to anticipate emerging threats and challenges to Canada’s security.

3 Int Coy is actively recruiting personnel interested in employment within the Intelligence Branch. Inquiries can be directed to Sergeant Desilets at 902-722-4220.

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