Canadian Army enhancing advanced winter warfare readiness in Labrador

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News Release / March 2, 2018 / Project number: 18-0089

March 2, 2018 – Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL – National Defence / 5th Canadian Division

Soldiers from the 5th Canadian Division in Atlantic Canada, kicked off its annual advanced winter warfare, training Exercise NORTHERN SOJOURN, today at 5 Wing Goose Bay in central Labrador. This exercise will provide the Canadian Army, and ground forces in the Atlantic region, with the skills needed to respond to an array of scenarios in the complex terrain of the Canadian North.

Through Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy, the Canadian Armed Forces has committed to taking steps to further improve its presence and ability to operate in the Arctic and conduct joint exercises with Arctic allies and partners. Exercise NORTHERN SOJOURN is a key training initiative that runs until March 11th and features a full winter warfare training scenario with command and tactical elements that afford soldiers the opportunity to confirm their ability to operate in the austere conditions of the Canadian North. During the exercise, approximately 400 soldiers from units throughout Atlantic Canada will work alongside 50 soldiers from the United States Army, and 8 soldiers from the Polish Army to conduct specialized training that is tailored to northern operations. This includes; defensive winter warfare tactics, live-fire rifle training, winter survival skills, and mounted snowmobile operations.

On Tuesday, March 6, the soldiers will host a Community Day in Churchill Falls near the exercise’s forward operating base to showcase the Canadian Army’s winter warfare capabilities to area residents. The Community Day will include dynamic demonstrations, interactive displays, and fun for the whole family.


“As soldiers, we need to be ready to deploy anywhere in the country to help Canadians. Exercise NORTHERN SOJOURN and other northern exercises and operations are our opportunities to demonstrate the Canadian Army’s presence in the North while providing our soldiers with the opportunity to confirm their winter warfare capabilities.”

Colonel Alex Brennan, Commander, 37 Canadian Brigade Group

“NORTHERN SOJOURN is a superb opportunity for Atlantic Canadian soldiers to enhance their ability to conduct complex training in harsh sub-arctic environments and to work closely with allies and Canadians living in the North. The ability to conduct training and operations in austere winter conditions is an essential component of the Canadian Army’s mission to protect our nation's sovereignty and interests in the North and helps ensure the Mighty Maroon Machine remains Strong Proud Ready.”

Brigadier General Derek .A. Macaulay, Commander, 5th Canadian Division

Quick Facts

  • Exercise NORTHERN SOJOURN is an annual advanced winter warfare training event held in Labrador that is attended by soldiers from units throughout Atlantic Canada.
  • During the exercise, more than 400 Canadian soldiers will train with 50 soldiers from the United States Army and 8 soldiers from the Polish Army.
  • The training scenario for Exercise NORTHERN SOJOURN is designed to maintain the specialized skills required to initiate and sustain operations in the northern regions of Canada which includes snowmobile patrol tactics, winter survival skills, winter warfare tactics, and much more.
  • The Canadian soldiers participating in Exercise NORTHERN SOJOURN are part of the 5th Canadian Division’s Immediate Reaction Unit and Arctic Response Company Group which are teams that deploy on short notice to help Canadians in need following a natural disaster or emergency.
  • During the exercise, participants will conduct a long range snowmobile patrol from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Churchill Falls which is a distance of more than 730 kilometres of travel over snow.
  • The Royal Canadian Air Force will participate in the exercise by transporting personnel throughout the training area using fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

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