Nova Scotia students to receive academic credit for military training

News Release / September 8, 2017

September 7, 2017 – Halifax

High School students in Nova Scotia will now be granted a grade 11 academic credit for completing basic military training, known as the Basic Military Qualification Common (BMQ(C)) course.

BMQ (C) gives students experience in such skills as leadership, teamwork, mental and physical fitness, and basic military knowledge.

The training is conducted on the weekends at Reserve Force units in Nova Scotia and candidates are paid a salary of approximately two thousand dollars. After completion of their basic training, students can continue to serve part-time with the Army Primary Reserves, but are under no obligation to remain in the military.


“We’re pleased to recognize high school students who demonstrate a high level of skill in the arts, languages and leadership by adding personal development credits to their transcript. We’re growing our community partnerships by including the Department of National Defense, Dance Nova Scotia, Swim Nova Scotia, 4-H and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards in recent years. Students benefit a great deal by participating in extra-curricular activities such as the Reserves.”

Zack Churchill, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development

“We are proud to offer valuable and desirable skills and training to Nova Scotia’s youth. Military training offers high school students a great learning opportunity outside the classroom that will stay with them for life, regardless of their career path.”

Colonel Shawn Hale, Commander, 36 Canadian Brigade Group

Quick Facts

  • Students wishing to apply must be at least 16 years old, a Canadian citizen, and complete an application process including an aptitude test, an interview, medical examination, and physical fitness evaluation.
  • The BMQ (C) course focuses on core skills and knowledge that are highly transferrable to the civilian sector including teamwork, discipline, physical fitness, ethics, and safety training.
  • The Army Reserve is a part-time, fully integrated component of the Canadian Army. The primary role of the Reserve Force is to augment, sustain, and support the Regular Force. In recent years, Reservists have made substantial contributions to Canada's international and domestic operations.
  • On average, Reservists are expected to work one night a week and one weekend a month.
  • The BMQ(C) course offered in local Reservist armouries requires 23 full training days, which is conducted during weekends.

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