Canadian Army Command Team’s Statement on Remembrance Day 2018

Commander's Message / November 9, 2018 / Project number: 18-0394

Lieutenant-General Jean-Marc Lanthier, Commander of the Canadian Army, issued the following statement:

As Remembrance Day approaches, Chief Warrant Officer Stu Hartnell, the Army Sergeant-Major, and I join you again this year in proudly wearing our poppies and humbly pausing to remember and honour the extraordinary men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Army, past and present.

At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2018, 100 years will have passed since the First World War ended – as did Canada’s Hundred Days, a time when the Canadian Corps achieved a series of crucial victories on the Western Front leading up to the Armistice.

Nearly a third of all Victoria Crosses ever earned by soldiers serving Canada – a total of 30 – were earned during this time.

Thought to be the “War to End all Wars,” the First World War took the lives of more than 60,000 Canadians and wounded another 172,000. Let us recognize that in every heroic sacrifice on battlefields past and present, there are elements of both valour and grief, but also that every sacrifice contributes to triumph and victory.

In addition to the 100th anniversary of a number of pivotal First World War battles, in 2018 we are also commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice and the 10th anniversary of National Peacekeepers’ Day.

Our women and men in uniform, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people, have proudly and courageously served Canada throughout our nation’s history. Our soldiers distinguished themselves time and time again during both World Wars, in Korea and more recently in Afghanistan, the Middle East, Europe and other parts of the world.

Canada is proud to contribute to ongoing international coalition fighting, peacekeeping, training and humanitarian disaster relief missions.

This year, the Canadian Army supported peace-support and stabilization missions such as the Canadian-led enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia; Operation PRESENCE - Mali in Africa; Operation REASSURANCE in Eastern and Northern Europe; and Operation IMPACT in Iraq and Syria. 

At home, the Army assisted Manitoba and British Columbia communities affected by wildfires; provided flood relief in British Columbia, New Brunswick and Ontario; and supported Canada’s sovereignty efforts in the far North during Operation NANOOK.

We also gratefully recognize the support and sacrifice of the families of the Fallen and wounded as well as the loved ones of those who have served and continue to serve.

Let us continue on the journey to international peace and freedom.

“Lest we forget.”

Lieutenant-General Jean-Marc Lanthier
Commander Canadian Army

Chief Warrant Officer Stu Hartnell
Canadian Army Sergeant Major

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