Exercise Worthington Challenge 2017 kicks off

News Release / September 22, 2017 / Project number: ncr-nr-17-09-22

22 September 2017 – Oromocto – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School will conduct Exercise WORTHINGTON CHALLENGE 2017 at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, September 24th – 29th, 2017. This annual event is the Canadian Army’s premier mounted warfare concentration.

Exercise WORTHINGTON CHALLENGE provides a challenging environment for the Canadian Army to showcase their skills in crew gunnery, small arms, tactical driving, range estimation, and vehicle and aircraft recognition in an international competition.

A pan-army event that fosters the sharing of ideas and interoperability with Allied partners while promoting esprit de corps within a challenging setting, this year’s event welcomes participants from the United States, Chile, Poland and Denmark.


“The profession of arms involves more than simply knowing how to accomplish a given task and then executing a plan to achieve that goal. The soldiers and leaders who undergo training at the schools of the Combat Training Centre must constantly improve their level of knowledge and proficiency. They know that this is essential to dominating the battlespace, and nowhere are these lessons more profoundly evident than in the professionalism of the men and women participating in Exercise WORTHINGTON CHALLENGE.”
-Colonel John Errington, Commander of the Combat Training Centre

Quick Facts

The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School supports Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Army and modernisation through the conduct of individual training, the preservation of individual training standards, and the maintenance of assigned Centre of Excellence responsibilities.

Teams participating in Exercise WORTHINGTON CHALLENGE 2017 will compete in the following events:

  • Mounted Direct Fire Range – is a live-fire range designed to focus on Armoured Fighting Vehicle direct-fire gunnery skills, crew skills and individual skills within a fire team context;
  • Mounted Navigation – is intended to test a crew’s ability to effectively navigate mounted and perform tasks such as identify Armoured Fighting Vehicles, deal with multiple casualties, react when a crew comes under enemy contact, and treat and evacuate casualties;
  • Technical Skills – will evaluate participants on the technical skill sets expected of any mounted crewman for the 25mm, 120mm and Light Utility Vehicles Wheeled (G Wagon) platforms; and
  • March and Shoot – sees competing fire teams tested on individual and team dismounted field craft skills, knowledge, and proficiency within dismounted advance-to-contact scenarios.

Crews will be competing for trophies in the following activities:

  • Top Canadian Team;
  • Light Utility Vehicles (Wheeled) with C6 (7.62 mm) crew;
  • Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) III, LAV 6.0 and LAV II Coyote (25 mm) crew; and
  • Main Battle Tanks (120 mm) crew.

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