soldiers install a portable satellite system

Signalers – the first to arrive, the last to leave

Thunder Bay, Ontario — Most people never leave home without their phone. Without it, you can’t find where you’re going, text your friends, order a pizza or call home. The cellphone is a vital piece of communications equipment that relies on expensive and complex systems to make it work. Without the cellphone many people would struggle to go about their daily lives.

two veteran soldiers

Dieppe hero marks 80 years of service

Westmount, Quebec — The Canadian Army is celebrating its longest-serving officer with a commemorative ceremony marking his remarkable 80 years of service.

three soldiers talking

Understanding cultural nuances saves lives in military conflicts

Twentynine Palms, California — Lieutenant-Commander Chantal Desormeaux, Gender Advisor (GENAD), was deployed to California for the joint exercise Large Scale 17. Her role was to determine the consequences that various action plans have on distinctive groups during military operations.

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