Soldier in a trench

Defence made the difference at Kapyong

Ottawa, Ontario — The Battle of Kapyong saw Canadian troops in an entirely defensive position, but it nonetheless represents a significant turning point in the Korean War. The heroism and resilience of heavily-outnumbered Canadian troops, who battled enemy forces over several days in the Kapyong River Valley of Korea, turned the tide of a massive Chinese offensive.

A woman in training

Army background ‘key’ to success, says astronaut candidate

Calgary, Alberta — Captain Michelle Whitty is a combat engineer, holds a Doctorate in medicine, and is completing a residency in family medicine at the University of Calgary. That sounds like plenty for anyone to handle, particularly a mother of three like Capt Whitty, but she is now well on the way to earning another impressive - and extraordinarily rare - title: Canadian astronaut.

Officer showing medals

‘We are fighting evil’: Making the South-West Asia Service Medal

Ottawa, Ontario — Creating the South-West Asia Service Medal, representing the Afghanistan mission and the threat of international terrorism, presented a unique challenge. It was created to honour Canada’s soldiers who served in Afghanistan and is not only a salute to that service, but is also a symbolic representation of the hope for peace.

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