3rd Canadian Division - Western Canada

3rd Canadian Division Patch

3rd Canadian Division Patch

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With a mindset of ‘One Team, One Mission’, 3rd Canadian Division is currently focused on the following priorities:

The 3rd Canadian Division One Team is comprised of approximately 5,400 Regular Force soldiers, 4,800 Reserve Force soldiers, 1,400 DND civilian employees, and 900 Canadian Rangers. One of four operational commands of the Canadian Army, this command is responsible for all Canadian Army administration and operations in western Canada from the Pacific Ocean to Thunder Bay, Ontario, and is headquartered at 3rd Canadian Division Support Base Edmonton, Alberta.

In June 2013, Land Force Western Area was re-designated 3rd Canadian Division. The Division encompasses one Regular Force Mechanized Brigade Group, three Reserve Force Brigade Groups, one Division Support Group, one Division Training Centre, two Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups, an Intelligence Company, and a Military Police Regiment:

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Command Team

Chief Warrant Officer René Kiens

Division Sergeant-Major:
Chief Warrant Officer
René Kiens,

Contact Us

 3rd Canadian Division Headquarters
700 Vimy Ave
Box 10500 Stn Forces
Edmonton, AB
T5J 4J5
780-973-4011 ext 8149


A member of the Canadian Army participates in stability operations

Road to High Readiness ends: 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group ready to deploy

Edmonton, Alberta — The latest edition of Canadian Army’s largest training exercise – Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE (Ex MR) – took place in May 2019, marking the end of the most recent three-year cycle of the CA’s Road to High Readiness.
July 18, 2019

A prairie skink

Canadian Forces Base Shilo recognized for prairie conservation

Shilo, Manitoba — Environmental stewardship is an ongoing priority for Canada’s military. While that often means cleaning up the effects of activity on its many training grounds, the situation at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Shilo in Manitoba is quite different.
July 5, 2019

Private Jared Daschner smiles at the camera

Graduate joins Army Reserve following positive experience in Indigenous Summer Program

Ottawa, Ontario – Private Jared Daschner is an accomplished graduate of Bold Eagle, one of four Indigenous Summer Programs run by the Canadian Army. He joined to honour his ancestors and become a role model to youth in his community – and found himself embarking on an exciting career with many options for his future.
June 20, 2019

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